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C&C Modular Cages very popular in United Kingdom

We specialise in delivering the original C&C Modular Cages, designed for your pets, to your door. We ship our products throughout Europe.        

For many years C&C Cages have become popular in the United States and the United Kingdom.

The original C&C Cages offered by us are the same ones that currently house millions of guinea pigs and rabbits throughout North America and Western Europe.

Our product is the most recommended of all guinea pig, rabbit and chinchilla owners as the best homing solution for their pets. Veterinarians also support this type of housing over the traditional closed cage.




C&C Modular Cages klatka Optima 3x2 + Loft

What kind of C&C cage
are you looking for?


Choosing the right C&C for you is very easy! These modular units are designed to suit whatever needs you have. C&C cages are designed with the highest level of quality and safety requirements. 

Have a look at what a insertable tray of guinea pig cages are made of. Our correx insertable trays are stiff and durable and come in many different colours.  

Our metal panels (C&C grids) have a specially rounded frame with no sharp corners. So, putting together your cage will be safe for you and your pets. These secure cages will provide your pets with a safe and enjoyable environment to live in.



By purchasing the C&C Modular Cages you are assured of receiving a high quality original product that will satisfy all of your pets needs.

These are cages that are used by pet lovers around the world.

C&C Modular Cages - the best C&C Cages_ Najlepsze klatki C&C




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