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Large guinea pig and rabbit C&C CAGE 4x3

C&C Modular Cages

with the Correx tray: pre-cut to size and Ready to Assemble - totally easy to assemble.

Dimensions of the cage: 
146 x 110 x 37 cm

Consists of:

14 C&C grids - black metal panels

28 C&C connectors

correx durable insertable tray made of two pieces (available in 4 different colours, pre-cut and ready to assemble)

Innovative rivets for the correx base (black or white)

It can be home to a guinea pigrabbit or other pets.




C&C Modular Cages: Modern innovative indoor guinea pig cages with an open-top.

These cages without the top-grids give your pets a much happier environment to live in and make interacting with them more enjoyable.

You will also have a whole new view of your guinea pigs and house rabbits lives and be able to watch what they do and how they behave up close.

In the standard enclosed cage it is difficult to interact with your pets. With the open plan you have full access to your animals. There is no narrow opening that you have to attempt to negotiate to reach your pet or the food bowl or even for cleaning. Everything is easier!

And it turns out these C&C Modular Cages are just as secure for your guinea pigrabbit or chinchilla as the the traditional closed cages.


C&C Cages provide a much bigger space for your pet.

Our cages give rabbits and guinea pigs plently of room to roam around freely. With more room to exercise and explore, your pets will be happier and healthier.

And the options for your C&C Modular Cages are endless. You can use all the same materials to create a guinea pig playpen and rabbit pen inside, as well as a rabbit run and guinea pig run. But, you can also create a rabbit enclosure or guinea pig enclosure outside! (weather permitting, of course)

And, as your animal has more freedom to move, it will make watching your pets lifestyle so much more enjoyable!


Replacing your rabbit or guinea pig bedding has never been easier!

Changing the bedding in old traditional closed cages was such a chore. It involved disassembling the whole cage and then having to put it all back together again.

With C&C Cages these problems are gone! Because of the open design, it only takes a couple of minutes to replace the bedding or food and water as well. You simple reach in and are able to reach ever part of the cage floor (and you can see clearly what you are doing).


What you get in your easy to assemble C&C Modular Cages kit? Everything you need to get started:

C&C grids (square metal panels)

Easy to clip C&C connectors

Correx insertable tray (available in 5 different colours; totally ready to assemble)

Easy to insert plastic rivets for the correx tray (available in black and white)

With the flexibility of all the C&C cages components it is up to your imagination how you design the layout! And you are able to change the design over and over again.

Assembling your diy guinea pig cage could not be easier! Have a look at the pictures below to get an idea of how simple and quick it is to put together.





Easy to assemble and very sturdy

Our innovative C&C connector connects the metal grids securely with just one click.


C&C Modular Cages
Made of quality and durable material

The insertable trays made of correx sheets are very durable, compared to traditional litter trays and are designed with the life of a dwarf rabbitchinchilla or guinea pig in mind.

C&C Cages are very resistant to the excretions of guinea pigs, and dwarf rabbits. Traditional cages made of plastic become heavily discoloured after just a few weeks. This is clearly evident after the removal of the bedding.



Great visibility and air ciculation

Your guinea pig or house rabbit will love the new freedoms of a secure, open air cage. The design of the C&C grids and the layout makes your experience with your pet that more enjoyable.


A wide range of C&C Modular Cages parts and colours

You get to design the environment! You can choose from cage models such as OpenspaceCustom or Comfort from our designs - or create your own using the modular pieces we can provide you. Choose the colour of your base and rivets to help personalise your cage. In the picture you can see examples of both the white and black C&C rivets on the base.

Available colours of C&C Modular Cages coroplast insertable trays





Examples of guinea pig and rabbit breeds that enjoy life in the C&C Cages:

guinea pig

abyssinian guinea pig

peruvian guinea pig

hairless guinea pig

american guinea pig

texel guinea pig

himalayan guinea pig

big guinea pig

silkie guinea pig

skinny guinea pig

dwarf guinea pig

alpaca guinea pig

house rabbit

lionhead rabbit

miniature rabbits

dwarf rabbits

angora rabbit

bunny rabbit

jack rabbit

netherland dwarf rabbit

mini lop rabbits

rex rabbit

dutch rabbit

lop eared rabbit

brown rabbit

american rabbit

Why choose C&C Modular Cages?

Correx base included: pre-cut and totally Ready to Assemble - It takes only 1 minute!

High quality of correx insertable tray, C&C panels/grids, connectors and plastic rivets used for correx tray (only we offer that)

Free choice of colours

A full assortment of add ons so you can build your own environment

The features of the C&C Modular Cages are endless compared to traditional cages!

Easy to clean

Easy to assemble

Easy to store




Basically, a much better environment for your pet to enjoy

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